About our support for your property search

we only work for you:
Your complete satisfaction is our  only target. You will benefit from our excellent knowledge of the Alps area for more than 35 years, and our extensive experience of the property market. We are not related either to any estate agent or to a property developer- constructor, therefore you will not see any property advertised on our site.  Based in the Alps, we will thoroughly search the property market for you (including properties directly sold by their owner and by the "notaire" offices). You will benefit from our advice up to the acquisition contract at the "notaire" office (French solicitor).
full package of service to optimise your search:
Based on your search criteria, we use a unique combination of traditional tools (e.g. our selection and pre-visits of the best sample of properties that may attract you and fit your qualitative and financial criteria, quietness and neighbouring facilities, planning and urbanism checks at the townhall...), also  modern tools (geolocation, sun exposure,  summer and winter climate depending on altitude location, available snow depth,  best access time from your home to your Alps property....).  You will benefit from our bilingual advice during the negotiation up to the acquisitions contracts. We can also accompany you for  the right contacts in relation to mortgages provider, contractors for chalet renovation, or new building on land. 
competitive offer:​

Our fees amount to 2% vat included of the property price ( with a minimum of 2500 EUR ) if you buy one of the property that we have carefully preselected for you. This is thanks to our low internal costs together with our excellent knowledge of the French Alps and properties. Once you agree to select our service, we charge 400 Eur for the first expenses incurred during the initial property search. This will be deducted to the 2% final fees (payable at the final acquisition contract at the "notaire" office).​​ ​


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